2012 Savannah Jazz Festival Program Advertisement

Do you want to see Jazz survive in Savannah? The only way to keep this music going is to GET THE WORD OUT!   One way to ensure that this music endures is to join the Coastal Jazz Association and MAKE A DIFFERENCE BY VOLUNTEERING!   We don’t make any money but we do have fun.   Join the CJA family and help Jazz flourish in Savannah;  cause if you don’t do it, there won’t be anywhere left to see this great music!

Fundraising and Grant Writing Volunteer

Even in light of current increased focus on jazz, this music receives very little – if any -media coverage.

The Coastal Jazz Association exists to foster awareness of the significance of this musical genre, and grow a base of supporters.  Grants, sponsorships, financial and other means of assistance are needed to help us achieve CJA’s mission.

We need creative, energetic individuals who love the music to spearhead our fundraising efforts to ensure these national treasures make it through the 21st century and beyond.  Got ideas?  Let’s talk!

Ads, Sponsorships  and Donations

This volunteer position requires making telephone contact with past and potential advertisers and supporters of CJA.  The volunteer would be responsible for making initial and follow-up calls, providing an explanation of ad rates and specifications.  Positive leads would be directed for formal follow-up and placement to internet, email, or printed advertising sources.

Keep Jazz Cookin’

Every volunteer is important to promoting jazz in Savannah.  Some other volunteer opportunities that help to insure the successful mission of CJA are:


_____Vending at Festival

_____ Backstage



_____Monthly Jazz Events

Or for more information call:  

The C o a s t a l   J a z z   A s s o c i a t i o n

P.O. Box 60205  •  Savannah, GA • 31420  •   (404) 997-3281



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